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balancing lip enhancement complex

balancing lip enhancement complex

Ormedic balancing lip enhancement complex

Specifically designed to enhance the appearance and volume of lip contours. This ultra-hydrating, powerful polypeptide lip enhancement complex will add up to 40% of moisture volume with repeat usage. Diminishes fine lines as well as reduces inflammation after lip injections. Use of product will complement and enhance the effects of professional dermal fillers. Paraben free.

All, fine lines, post dermal filler injections, dry/dehydrated lips.

Anti-aging polypeptide lip enhancement complex that visibly reduces the appearance of fine lines. Helps keep lips hydrated in the morning and evening while adding volume to the lips. Anti-aging benefits increase with continued use.

Apply to lip area morning, evening and as needed.

Customer Reviews

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No more chapstick addiction

I was so dependent on Chapstick for years. I had one in my car, one in my purse, one at my desk, one on my nightstand, one at my boyfriend's house, and then even a few extras just in case. My lips were only getting worse. Dry, chapped, cracked and peeling. It was a mess. I could never wear lipstick to go out at night because my lips felt awful and looked awful. Then my friend started using this lip serum. She got it from her esthetician. Then I learned that my lips were getting worse because Chapstick. Within 2 weeks of using this morning, noon and night my lips had literally felt like brand new lips. I cannot explain how wonderful it feels not to be dependent on any lip product. I use this product at night and I am good all day long. Sometimes I use it as a lip gloss over my lipstick. When I think about it, it would be great if this formula could come in colors. Although, I can live just fine with this product as it is. My lips are no longer addicted. :-)

The best

This treatment is the absolute best I've ever used. I came across it when I was going to school for esthetics. This is one lip treatment I have stuck to religiously. I haven't had chapped lips since I started using it about 4 months ago and now that its getting cold outside I usually always had dry chapped lips by now and I haven't yet. My lips look more plump and healthy and my lipstick goes on smoothly everyday even when I haven't applied this. Continued use is definitely key to results.

For dry lips and soothing

This is the best lip treatment that I have ever used. I have never found a lip balm that really works until I tried this. A friend recommended this to me and this is the only lip balm that I use.

Lip relief

This is the best lip balm ever. Found it in a spa in Wickenburgh AZ - it is worth every penny.

Almost Perfect

Love this lip balm! It would be perfection if it had an SPF

Best Lip Treatment!!!!

This lip treatment/balm is the best I have ever used, without question (and I have tried everything!!). It is incredibly soothing on dry, sore lips. My entire family uses this product, it's indespensible during long, dry, cold Chicago winters! It goes on smooth and doesn't look clumpy, makes lips look great!!

I love this stuff!

This is the best lip balm/treatment/whatever I've ever used! It stays on, you can put lipstick right over it, and it has long-lasting effect. I live in an area where lips are dry and chapped about 6-7 months of the year, and there is nothing that begins to compare to this product.

Love The Image Lip Complex

Personally: I have never found a more soothing lip treatment for lips. I have one of these in my purse, my gym bag, my vanity, nights stand, and even my car! i love it for keeping my lips soft, moist and plump and often use it in place of a gloss .It always feels smooth, silky and just glides on. I never have a problem with it rubbing off or clumping like other lip treatments or glosses. I have my children use this product in the dry winters and summers on cracked lips. Usually when used overnight, they see a huge difference in healing. One of my clients uses it for her daughter who battles very dry cracked lips from wearing braces. She had previously tried may lip therapies and couldn't believe the healing results Image Lip Complex gave her.
In the Treatment Room: Of coarse I close every Aesthetic treatment with the lip complex and its always ends up being a desired add on to a retail skincare purchase for my client.
Love, Love, Love this Product!
Kim Cox
Master Aesticican; Southern Utah