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Clear Cell

salicylic gel cleanser

salicylic gel cleanser

Clear Cell salicylic gel cleanser

This foaming, salicylic-based gel cleanser gently removes makeup and eliminates excess oil while lightly exfoliating dead skin cells and keeping skin smooth, soft and shine free. Ideal for oily/acne prone skin and teenagers. Paraben free.

Oily, acne prone, grades I and II acne, aging.

3 in 1 gel cleanses, exfoliates and tones. BHA foaming gel cleanser that gently removes makeup and eliminates excess oil. Adds essential anti-oxidants to keep skin soft, purified and shine free.

Apply to wet face morning and evening and massage for 1 minute. Repeat cleansing for additional exfoliation. Because excessive drying of the skin may occur, start with one usage daily, then gradually increase to two or three usages daily if needed or as directed by a doctor. If bothersome dryness, irritation or peeling occurs, reduce usage to once a day or every other day. If going outside, use a sunscreen.

Customer Reviews

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I have struggled with acne for years, and this is the one face wash that actually clears my skin. After a week of using it consistently my face is so clear .


My teenage daughter has had the worst acne for years now. Clear Cell Salicylic Gel Cleanser, is amazing, and she is almost completely clear, except for some scarring , as it was so bad, but nothing on the surface. She uses very little product, as it foams up nicely and it goes a long way. She loves that it is Paraben Free as she is starting to educate herself about skin care companies that care about their ingredients and customers.(So, thanks for that!) As a parent, it is frustrating to know what to buy, especially when constantly being influenced by companies that use beautiful celebrities to sell their products, even though they're not necessarily effective or safe. For anyone that just wants safe, effective results, look no further, this is the product.


I started using the clear cell line and my skin is finally clearing up. I have tried everything from antibiotics from the dermatologist, Rodan and store products and this is the only thing that has helped.

My story of how I dealt with acne. Love this stuff!

I am an 18 year old girl who started college along with my boyfriend leaving for basic training for the U.S Army all within the month of August. I noticed my face starting to break out like never before. I did my research and tried so many different home remedies. Nothing worked! It got really bad for a while and my skin was very red and irritated all the time. I started cuting out the makeup remover wipes to reduce the irritation and I switched to coconut oil to remove makeup thinking that would also clear up my skin too. Well...after many attempts and nothing working..I finally went to my doctor and she prescribed me an antibiotic (pill form)and a gel for my face after I washed it (Clindamcyin). This worked just a tiny bit but still not as much as I wanted to. I tired that for about two weeks and then had a dermatologist appointment and they believe it was from stress (big surprise). The dermatologist also gave me a cream for my face (tazorac) and that didn't seem to be doing the trick either! Finally I just gave up for a few days. My mom and I later did more research and decided to go to a local medical spa and talk to their esthatician and she looked at my skin under a light and found out I had grade 1 acne (not that bad but still a big deal to me) and she had me try Image Clear Cell and after just 4 days I saw a HUGE improvement!! I took progress pictures everyday. I highly recommend this to anyone struggling with any type of acne! It's a miracle worker.

Best Acne Cleanser

I have used many cleansers for acne. Clear Cell has been the most effective cleaser for my acne, has a nice scent, nice lather, and leaves my face clean without over drying. It is my favorite. cleanser and my acne has reduced.


This cleanser quickly resolved my issue of hormonal acne and an oily t-zone. Within two weeks of using this product coupled with other Clear Cell products, my acne was gone. This soap has a very mild scent, doesn't over dry or leave a residue. Two years later, I'm still loving these products.

The best!

My skin could not survive without this cleanser. I'm oily/acne prone and this cleanser rids my skin of excess oil while controlling my breakouts, but not over drying at the same time. Hands down, the best cleanser for my skin!

Deserving of the five stars

I have tried many products over the years. I have never commented on a product. After using this cleanser for about six months I can honestly say it has greatly helped with keeping my skin clear.

Best Cleanser I Have Ever Used

I have oily, acne-prone skin. My skin feels so clean with this cleanser but my skin doesn't feel tight and dry after using it. It foams really well and because it's paraben-free I don't feel like it leaves a film on my skin like other cleansers. I highly recommend it.