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stem cell serum with Vectorize-Technology

stem cell serum with Vectorize-Technology

The MAX stem cell serum with Vectorize-Technology

This revolutionary day and night stem cell serum rejuvenates your skin in a new dimension. The multi-layered technology of nutripeptides work synergistically to create the appearance of plump, firm skin while stem cell technology, in an exclusive complex, supports natural defense mechanisms and promotes cell health. This stem cell serum dramatically reduces the appearance of fine lines due to facial expressions, wrinkles and other signs of aging. The unparalleled high concentration of effective ingredients will give you the MAXimum benefit. Paraben free.

Aging skin, lines and wrinkles due to facial expressions and sun exposure, tired and dull-looking skin.

This stem cell serum contains Vectorize-Technology™ that delivers complex of encapsulated ingredients time released up to 48h for long lasting, intense effect. An exclusive complex to combat and prevent aging effects on the skin. Break-through plant derived Stem Cell technology aids in prevention of cell damage and reduces wrinkles due to facial expression as well as relaxes crows feet

Apply and massage stem cell serum in the morning and evening to cleansed skin for best results. Allow penetration before applying a broad spectrum sunscreen like the PREVENTION+ ultimate protection moisturizer SPF 50.

Customer Reviews

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So Happy!

I started using this product a few years ago. My esthetician introduced me to this product. I was a little concerned about my oily skin not liking a product like this. I had nothing to worry about. This serum absorbs right into the skin. It does not feel tacky and does not look shiny. I can wear this night and day. The fine lines are gone and my skin looks firmer. I can only tell you that I am so incredibly happy with my skin now.


I had a facial a few days ago and this product along with the cleanser was recommended , I use the product
And the second day I saw instant results and I'm African American

Great product, easy to use and quick drying!

I attended a grand opening at a skincare and wellness center in my local area not expected to much. I went around to the different rooms, listened to the mini lectures about the different products and procedures offered, and I must admit became a little intrigued. After it was over I came home with a bag of samples and that's when I encountered "the Max stem cell serum" .25oz sample. So at first I was like, "Oh Lord stem cell stuff I'm not putting that on my face!" Then I thought about well I read about celebrities using this stuff, it's expensive and now I have a little sample for free! LOL So I guess I will try it! BAM! I was amazed after a few days I kept looking in the mirror and saying, "I look a little younger, my face looks so much brighter and appears so much tighter!" So I was wondering if it was just me because I do have a little Glaucoma. LOL So I started asking my kids and friends and everyone agreed! Now I'm sold on "stem cell" stuff! Ha, ha, ha....Can't wait to get a bigger bottle when I can fit it in my budget because I'm a fan of trying and buying new products that work! Thanks Image...