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Vital C

hydrating enzyme masque

hydrating enzyme masque

Vital C hydrating enzyme masque

A hydrating enzyme masque that gently exfoliates the buildup of dull, dry skin. Nourishing Vitamins A, C, and E promote healthier, more radiant youthful skin.

Paraben free.

Sensitive/rosacea, aging, dry/dehydrated, post-peel/post-operative, oily/acne

This gently exfoliating hydrating enzyme masque infused with Vitamin C sloughs away buildup of dead skin cells while injecting the skin with essential anti-oxidants, vitamins and minerals. Provides continuous hydration for hours after application.

Can also be mixed with Total Resurfacing Masque for additional exfoliation.

Apply hydrating enzyme masque liberally to cleansed skin for 5-30 minutes 1-3 times per week. May be used daily for extremely dull skin to immediately reveal radiant skin.

Customer Reviews

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This mask is amazing. I started use it week ago and can noticed a difference in skin tone and texture in just one application. Will definetly buy it again.

Amazing smell, Amazing results!

I have such dry skin, that when I get facials in the past it still wouldn't hydrate my skin. It literally felt like anyone could crack it, or start picking dry skin off my forehead. It made me feel uncomfortable and i hated how my skin looked, and not even makeup made it look better. But when I got introduced to this product, and had it used only once that was all it took to see such an improvement on my skin. my skin took it like bee's to honey! I dont care for reviews and I never write them, but this DESERVED to be raved about and more so talked about to the world. I can NOT wait to share this secret with my friends and family, where have I been that I was missing out on such a great product? I never want to live without this Vital C ever again..!!

The real deal

I'm not one for writing reviews on products but this one deserves it. I was using this mask for months to great effect and then stopped once I ran out. Big mistake! My dry skin slowly but surely returned and got so bad on my forehead my make up was peeling off at the end of the day. I bought this again and after only 1 application my skin was vastly improved. I'm never letting myself run out again. I think 2-3 times per week with this is perfect for me and I usually leave it on for 30mins. I've never had any reaction to it and I have sensitive, dry skin. My skin looks clear and dewy when I use this and my make-up looks so much better now. If you suffer from flaky, dry skin then this is a must to help dissolve it all away gently.


I absolutely love this product. Not only is it easy to apply and remove, comfortable to wear/use and smells divine, it actually works. My skin feels soft as a baby's and glows with health. I like to use this 2-3 times per week (I'm 38 with acne prone skin) and in-between I will use a clay mask. Its a great combo as this sloughs away dead skin, which helps the clay deep clean.
I buy this for all my girlfriends for birthday presents as it truly is a wonder. I love image products and enjoy trying all of them but this in particular is a 'must have' and always on my Christmas and Birthday list too.

FYI I've never had a single bad reaction to this mask, its gentle yet powerful. I even used it after sun bathing in Greece and fell asleep while wearing it. Even with the prolonged exposure to the mask, my skin was absolutely fine afterwards. Can't recommend highly enough. Please IMAGE do NOT stop making this!

Best mask ever

I was given some of this to try from my doctor.
WOW the best stuff I have ever used on my face full stop.
It is Magic the transformation of your skin when this has been on.

My favorite product

I could tell a huge difference in my skin with only a few applications! I actually sleep in mine ... and my skin is just glowing and my makeup applies so flawlessly I'm obsessed. Oh and it smells so yummy! :)