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total retinol-A crème

total retinol-A crème

Ageless total retinol-A crème

A highly concentrated blend of retinol and polypeptides that resurface, rejuvenate, and repair aging and acne prone skin. Paraben free.

Aging, oily/acne, sun damaged.

Retinol creme with potent anti-aging properties to rejuvenate and repair aging and all levels of acne prone skin. Image Exclusive peptide blend significantly reduces fine lines for visibly tighter skin. Shea Butter balances skin and helps to retain moisture level

Apply retinol creme directly to cleansed skin in evening, or mix with any Image product for additional anti-aging benefits.

Customer Reviews

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An amazing anti-aging product

It did not take long for my skin to adjust to this superior anti-aging product. At first I could see some flaking skin. I used the Image Max Creme to help moisturize my skin. I started to use this because I have some acne scars, discoloration and a slightly rough texture. As well as fine lines around my mouth. My texture is so much better and my fine lines are gone. I seriously cannot believe it. I am so happy with this product and other Image products that I get from my esthetician.

Best cream I have ever used

I am obsessed with this stuff. I started out using it very conservatively and only at night. I did notice dryness at first and sensitivity to the sun. But, after using regularly, the texture of my skin has completely resurfaced. I never write reviews but like I said, I'm obsessed. I recommend this to all of my friends and family. Just wish it was easier to get and wish I could order it online.

My skin looks healty and fresh!!

I am beyond impressed in the manner in which my skin has responded to the image range. I have a very dry skin as a result of my thyroid problem so finding a skin care regime that works for me has not been easy. I live in in area that is very windy so that has also exacerbated my dry skin problem. Normally my skin would feel really dry by midday. Since I have used the product I only need to moisturize in the morning and at night. The product is awesome and I can highly recommend the range!!! The only problem I have with the mosturizer with sunblock is that it is a little too white for a dark skin. The range needs to include a moisturiser that has a tint in it.

Makes my skin glow!

I will start off by saying I've been happy with all the products that I use from Image Skincare and really believe in their products as they have really helped me clear up my acne and , along with my esthetician, created a smooth clear complexion. So much so that I feel comfortable going out without make-up. This is one product that has really helped. The Total Retinol-A Creme feels lightweight on and works overnight to loosen the bonds that hold dead skin cells and help bring newer ones to the surface. It helped clear up my acne and the scars.