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Intense Bleaching Serum

Intense Bleaching Serum

Iluma Intense Bleaching Serum

An intense, oil-free blend of hydroquinone, glycolic, azelaic acid and natural lightening agents to effectively lighten skin discolorations. Tea tree oil aids in calming inflamed skin and provides for a gentle application. Paraben-free.

Freckles, melasma, post pregnancy pigmentation, discolorations, dark spots.

Corrects epidermal pigmentation, reduces dark skin spots, treats post inflammatory hyperpigmentation.

Apply to cleansed skin morning and evening. Use PREVENTION+ daily.

Customer Reviews

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The only thing that WILL work!

I tried this product because of acne scarring. I expected the results of a bleaching cream you might find at a beauty supply store somewhere. On the contrary. This product works starting the next morning. No irritation, no lines of demarcation. Flawless! Absolutely Flawless!

New and Interesting Product

I decided to try this product not only for sun damage and "age spots" -- I'm 51 and a Florida native, so I wore no sunscreen until well into adulthood -- but also because it was recommended for the slight inflammation/rosacea I have on the apples of my cheeks. I noticed a change the very first day I used it, and in spite of my fear that it might not sit well under my usual mineral concealer, it was perfect. I cannot use any of the serums on the market that contains silicones (which means most everything made today regardless of price point), even though they create a lovely canvas for makeup. It's why I am a long-time fan of Image; they've managed to create serums (I've used Ageless, Vital C, and Ormedic) that work wonderfully without ingredients I can't tolerate. This is another hit product, and I expect to continue to see improvements in stubborn brown spots that have resisted other lightening treatments from other skincare lines. The irritation/rosacea had disappeared within a week of starting this product, too.

No more sun spots!

I am a registered nurse in the cosmetic and aesthetic field. I have used all kinds of products to try to diminish the damage of my skin that I caused when I was a teenager. I have two major sunspots on my cheek that nothing would diminish. I have had laser treatments and peels. I've been using the serum for 3 weeks and my sun spots and rosacea are almost gone. I love the bleaching serum! I'm finally getting compliments on my skin!

So nice not having to wear a ton of make-up to hide dark spots

I have been using Image for almost 7 years now, prior to using Image my skin broke out a ton and nothing I used helped. I use many different product from the Image line up. I just stated using this product iluma Bleaching Serum in the last three month and have to say my skin has never looked brighter or better, I were very little make up now and get compliments on my skin all the time. I had very dark spots and they are almost gone. Will buy more fore sure!

started using it,Intence bleaching serum

Just started it,my daughter sells it in her Salon and said she can't leave it on the self long enough,people are buying it,will let you know results.